About us

The company is one of the oldest small companies with operations in Slovakia. In the past, but also today, it produces, on the basis of its own production program, beverages and syrups intended for the drinking regime on request and, if agreed, in the possibilities of unlimited production in quantities.We supply samples for our acquaintances from the ranks of entrepreneurs and for all those who are interested in getting to know and possibly taste our products for their own benefit and pleasure, or want to help us find business partners both at home and abroad.

Samples are delivered only on the basis of a personal or telephone agreement with the client after approval of our offer, or the request of a business partner or confirmation of our possibilities, by mutual agreement. The price of the basic package of samples with regard to the unsteady costs of raw materials during production, including packing and postage with possible diversity of requirements and offer ranges to about 30 eur.

Among our business partners we would like to welcome companies that would be interested about their own production program, which would be their drinking program and would promote their name and their company. Products under such conditions are exclusively supplied to them with their matriculation / for example: company logo, company name … / characters, accordingly their advertising among their business partners.

All natural

In conventional lemonades, which are predominantly on offer, are used preservatives are to stabilize the product. According to studies, preservatives used in food are considered to be one of the most unsuitable stabilizing substances harmful to health and are probably also triggers of many diseases.

We do not use artificial sweeteners, preservatives, product thickeners in the production of our syrups, nor any sugar other than beet sugar, which also has its own preservative properties and density.Sugar is the energy that every cell in the body needs, and the brain needs the most energy from sugar intake into the body. Experts believe, and many of them believe, that the main danger lies in artificial sugar substitutes that are added to carbonated waters. These change the intestinal flora and lead to the development of glucose intolerance. Beet sugar, based on knowledge from history as well as experts in the field, can recognize the human body and report either a lack or excess of sugar in the body by its taste or reluctance to sweet.

Since a certain period, the company specializes in drinking syrups enriched with extracts from herbs or some type of exotic fruit, where there are opportunities with a small amount of extract to achieve something more than just a drinking program towards health and benefit from the drink.

Among the oldest and market-provenas the best beverage syrups are products such as Ginseng syrup with Siberian Ginseng root extract focused on regeneration and Guarana focused on encouragement.
The second valuable product awarded by the market and as well by business sphere is syrup in the combination of extracts of Mint, Sage, Tarragon and Fennel, which is focused on digestion.

From a historical point of view, the company packs product samples into 250 ml / 330 g containers. This packaging was recommended in the past by the Research Institute of Medicinal Products of the People, and since then the company has remained on this type of packaging.

We send the samples by the transport company directly to the customer. The agreed price for such a shipment includes all fees. Other conditions of the shipment are determined by the relevant laws and we acknowledge that the intention of our company is the pleasure and perfect taste experience of our business partner from our products, which we mark with our own brand.

Products are mostly intended for children over three years of age, for athletes, entrepreneurs and for all those whose focus in everyday life requires more mental and physical strain and they like to do something positive for themselves and their loved ones, friends and acquaintances. Products, either alone or as a drink, do not serve as a meal replacement and it is advisable to heat them only to the drinking temperature.

We would like to welcome on our side a business partner to help with the current situation and willingness to help with the global publication of a true story based on documents and facts, where on the one hand is a multinational concern and world-class stars and on the other a Slovak businessman striving for justice and preserving their rights in Slovakia.